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Taking a Course

Always click on the CONTINUE COURSE button to continue your course
There is always a status bar showing your progress on the Course
Always MARK UNIT AS COMPLETE when you are done with the UNIT and progressing to the next Unit
A tick appears showing you are done with a particular unit. Click NEXT UNIT to continue
You know you have come to the end of the Course when you no longer see NEXT UNIT
This appears as soon as you are done with your Course
April 29, 2020

4 responses on "Taking a Course"

  1. I have paid for the courses in the digital marketing academy. My Order No is #8245. I can’t access these courses. Please can you help?

  2. I’m through with HR Skills and I no longer see the NEXT BUTTON. Is there anything else that would be done?

    And also, on Driving successful business execution through human capital since I’ve read and study it as well. Although it’s not showing NEXT BUTTON but showing in progress. I clicked complete because I’ve done it already.

  3. i have paid for a course on design thinking [Order #9488] (April 23, 2020) how do i start

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