Sale & Marketing Career Guide

What is Sale & Marketing?

Marketing informs and attracts leads and prospects to your company and product or service. Sales, on the other hand, works directly with prospects to reinforce the value of the company’s solution to convert prospects into customers.

Types of Sale& Marketing

The broad marketing and sales related career group includes all jobs which have promoting and selling goods and services as their primary objective. Generally speaking, outgoing and friendly individuals who enjoy challenges should consider pursuing a career in the marketing, sales or service areas. Those who have the aptitude and ability to be friendly, persuasive and sympathetic can find exciting and lucrative careers in the selling and promotion a wide variety of products and services, ranging from anything from business services and software to automobiles and medical devices.

Careers in marketing includes

  1. Creative designers
  2. Account executives
  3. Product marketing
  4. All related management level marketing careers.

Career in Sales positions includes

  1. Business development managers
  2. Sales managers
  3. Customer service personnel
  4. Sales support
  5. Divisional sales operations management.

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